4 Requirements for Attracting Birds

Bird watching is certainly one of the most sought after and welcomed transitions from the challenging, stressful life to enjoy the simplest pleasures offered by nature. So if you are among those people who confirm, to be an avid nature lover and a profound bird watcher, then, you should have knowledge about attracting the birds in your backyard, garden area or in a place where you wish to invite them. There are certain pre-requisites to attract the birds to your backyard or garden area, which incorporates the factors such as choice of bird feeder, quality of bird seeds, water source and certainly the amicable environment for the birds. Once you understand these requirements properly, then it becomes easy to attract the birds to your place to enjoy nature’s beauty in terms of having the opportunity to view the birds coming to your home and make your place full of positivity and you absolutely witness the overwhelming experiences of your life.

4 Requirements for Attracting Birds

It’s undoubtedly true that birds play a crucial role in enhancing the optimism into your life and attracting the birds to your backyard or garden area would enable you to take immense pleasure from bird watching activity and get away from stress. But you need to be careful about certain factors that enhance the attraction of the birds to your backyard or garden area. So, let’s take a look at 4 Requirements for Attracting Birds.

1. Create a Beautiful Environment for Birds


The first and foremost aspect of attracting a lot of birds into your garden area or backyard is the creation of the wonderful environment, which encourages them to visit your place regularly. So, make sure that you have a beautiful garden with lots of flowers and plants that attract various types of insects and bugs. As you must know that bugs and insects are a great food source for birds, so, if you are having plants and flowers that draw them, then birds are definitely going to get attracted to your place.

2. A Water Source Near Feeding Area

It’s a fact that birds love the very sound of water, so if you have a water source which may be incorporated in the form of a pond, or a fountain, then you must have lots of birds as the welcomed visitors in your backyard or garden area. As water is required for drinking and bird bathing, so a water source is surely going to add the number of visitors to your place.

3. Selection of Most Appropriate Bird Feeder and Placing it in Accurate Location

When you want to attract birds to your home, then either buying or designing the bird feeder is the most important consideration. So, you need to decide about the type of birds that you want to attract to your place which includes large birds and small birds, and accordingly you can decide about the type of a bird feeder in your home. As there are various types of bird feeders like suet feeder, tray feeder, window feeder, hopper feeder, hanging bird feeders, squirrel proof bird feeders , tube bird feeder, so you can select the one as per your requirement. The next thing is to place the bird feeder at a place which is far from the reach of predators like cats, hawk and also squirrels and also from the loud noise as the birds prefer to have bird seeds in quiet surroundings.

4. Quality and Type of Bird Seeds

It’s really important to offer only the freshest bird seeds which include sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, suet cakes, thistle seeds, fruits mealworms, peanuts, nectar, and black oil sunflower seeds to attract the birds to your place. Moreover, you need to clean the bird feeder on a regular basis as due to weather conditions, there may be the development of mold and fungus in bird seeds. So, try changing the bird seeds when they are spoiled and offer only the best quality bird seeds to your little friends. Even if you will feed to birds but sometimes squirrels create a lot of problems while feeding birds thus you must use squirrel-proof feeders that work.

Hence, it can be ascertained that by understanding the 4 Requirements for Attracting Birds, you can draw a lot many birds to your backyard or garden area. This has also got lots of benefits of bird feeding.  It’s really significant to comprehend the fact that birds are attracted towards a quiet, peaceful area surrounded with beautiful flowers and the water source. Moreover, if you have placed the most adequate bird feeder at the most appropriate place away from the reach of predators, then you are certainly going to invite the little creatures into your place with a hearty welcome.

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