How to Keep Pet Hair at Bay on Carpet, Furniture and Hard Floors

It’s certainly undeniable that if you live in a house along with your pets, then having the hair over the carpet, furniture and hard floors are something to which you are not strange to. But, if you really desire to keep your home a clean place which doesn’t have even the single strand of your pets, then you must know the basics of cleaning your house which includes using a vacuum cleaner, electrostatic mops, brushing your pet, taking good care of his hygiene and many more facts. As everyone is busy with the demands of a hectic schedule, so using these methods would enable you to keep your pet hair at bay and you can live in a clean environment healthy for you and your pets.


How to Keep Pet Hair at Bay on Carpet, Furniture and Hard Floors

If you really desire to keep your family along with your pets in a good health, then keeping your home free from pet hair is certainly the best thing that you can do for them. This can be done by following certain steps which ensure to maintain complete cleanliness in your home. So, let’s take a look at How to Keep Pet Hair at Bay on Carpet, Furniture and Hard Floors.

1. Make Use of Your Vacuum Cleaner to do the Job Perfectly

It’s true that a bagged vacuum cleaner plays a crucial role in cleaning your home from the hair strand of your pets spreading everywhere from your furniture to carpet to hard floors. So, there is no need to worry as you can clean all this mess with the help of a bagged vacuum cleaner which comes with a filter along with a HEPA filter which helps to remove 99.97% of dirt along with 0.3% of pollen, dust mold and pet hair. The use of vacuum cleaner enables you to clean each and every corner of your home with incredible perfection and keep the air free from dirt and dust that you can actually breathe in the clean air. This is extremely useful for those people who suffer from asthma and dust allergies and also have a problem with pet hair. Thus, you can use a vacuum cleaner and keep away all those pet hair away from your home.


2. Use an Electrostatic Mob to Clean the Hard Floors

It is primarily significant to understand that to remove pet hair from your hard floor; all you need is the use of an electrostatic mob. The use of electrostatic floor is highly recommended for your hard floor as it doesn’t blow excess hair around and you can clean it more effectively.

3. Brushing Your Carpet Before Using a Vacuum Cleaner is Great for Removing Pet Hair

It’s right that you need to thoroughly brush your carpet to remove the pet hair from it. You can simply use a few drops of a fabric softer mixed in water and use this water to help attracting the pet hair and then use the mild brush to remove all sorts of tiny particles along with the hair. The last thing is that you need to vacuum it properly to get it cleaned completely.

4. Clean Your Furniture with a Lint Roller

When it comes to clean your furniture, then using a lint roller is certainly not a bad idea. You can easily get the lint roller from the market and use it by tape wrapping around your fingers and you can easily get rid of all those pet hair. But, make sure to clean the furniture with care which has fabric as the pet hair can get easily stuck to the fabric itself.

5. Proper Grooming of Your Pet

It’s significant to understand that your pet sheds the hair throughout the year or it’s a seasonal phenomenon. You need to brush your pet’s coat regularly, especially during the shedding season and make sure to use the most appropriate brush to comb your pet’s coat. This would help to reduce pet hair spreading into every corner of your house. As each pet has got an individual pet’s coat which should be considered while buying the grooming kit as thick or thin coat needs to be treated differently. Moreover, you can also seek the professional help and guidance when grooming your pet to treat it more effectively.

Hence, How to Keep Pet Hair at Bay on Carpet, Furniture and Hard Floors enable you to understand that by making use of the simple yet effective tips, you can keep your home clean from pet hair. It’s really important to use a vacuum cleaner and brushing your pet regularly to keep your place perfectly clean and safe.

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